WebServices aliases


I need some help with Webservices aliases.

We have 3 environments… Dev, Tst and Prd (Development, testing and production).

My process need to call some web services who bring a list of data…

For DEV the Host of WS is hostdev:5555, for TST is hosttst:5555 and for PRD is hostprd:5555

When i deploy process in TST, the host from remains hostdev:5555.

How i do host url according to the environment?? Sorry for my english…

If u give me big details I’ll be very greatful


Hi Andres,

create a Webservice on each of your environments having the same name and fill in the corresponding hostdata.

Assign this Webservice alias to the WebService Connector.

See IS Administrators Guide and WebService Development Help documents for further informations.