Webservice Security Issue

Hi Everyone,

We are facing a strange issue with webservice consumer.
we are getting following error while trying to invoke a webservice consumer from our Dev Integration server:
“Error on verifying message against security policy Error code:1000”

However, this webservice consumer is running fine from SOAP UI and other Integration servers.
It seems issue with webservice security providers.

we can see “STRTransform 1.6” is missing in our Dev server but is available in other Integration servers.
We have tried to replace all jars from common/ext in Dev with the IS where this webservice is running but still no luck.

Can anyone please help me with its resolution.

Environment Details
webMethods IS version: 9.12

Hello Amit,

Could you please check if valid Rampart module is there in ./instances/default/config: folder.

Module name will be rampart-.mar