Integration security checker tool


We need to run “SECURITY CONFIGURATION CHECKER TOOL”. We found below link to download the file and needed command to run the tool.

However, we are now on IS v10.1. Not sure if this tool will be compatible. Do we have any latest sample code compatible with IS v10.x.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi Anil,

you can try to run this tool but it might not cover all new security features (i.e. OAuth2, CSRF), which were introduced after this tool was developed.
Additionally it might report issues related to security features, which have changed or have been removed meanwhile.


The last IS version on which I had used the “SECURITY CONFIGURATION CHECKER TOOL” tool was on 9.12, I suggest you to contact SAG Support via Empower if they have the latest version available in their repository, note that this tool was shared to us free of cost. Not sure if there are any licensing cost involved now.