Webservice problem when posting EAI number via http

Okay, here’s the situation that I’m very confused about. We have two QA servers that are in a cluster. The package that I created does something at the end where it calls a webservice and posts an EAI tracking number to the webserver via http. As mentioned before, both QA servers are in a cluster.

Today, I noticed that one QA server is posting the EAI tracking number properly and receiving back a return code, whereas the other QA server tries to post the EAI tracking number, but doesn’t get back the return code. There’s no return code at all. What makes this so weird is that both servers have the exact same code and both are calling the exact same webserver. While tracing through the code, I noticed the below when I run pub.client:http in my PostEAINumber service:

QA server one:

I see the following in the Results tab for the header/lines document:

Name Value

Pragma no-cache
Cache-control no-cache
Content-type text/html
Content-length 90

QA server two (the server that posts the EAI number properly):

Server Microsoft-IIS/5.0
X-Powered-By ASP.NET
X-AspNet-Version 1.1.4322
Cache-Control private, max-age=0
Content-Type text/xml; charset=utf-8

Why the difference? What is this telling me? Can anyone here please tell me what to try…what to look for… any tips why all of a sudden this could be happening when you’re talking about two server that have the same package information, calling the exact same webserver?

This probably doesn’t have to do with the cluster. I assume by cluster you mean an IS cluster and not a load-balancing cluster with an external device nor an OS cluster.

I assume you’ve verified that the parameters to the pub.client:http service are exactly the same on both servers (via the tracing you mentioned). host, port, URL, etc.

One thought is how the web server, and whatever is processing your request under the covers, handles multiple servers connecting with the same credentials–assuming you’re passing credentials. That’s probably a complete shot in the dark though.

Do any of the logs on the IIS side give any hints about what might be happening? Can you confirm that server 1 is indeed being seen by IIS? What does the response body hold on server 1? It may be an error message since the content-type is indicated to be text/html. Do a bytes to string and log the string to see if that might be of some help.

Thanks for the tip concerning byte to String. After running that, I realized that someone went into IS and setup a http proxy server. After erasing that proxy server information, i was able to connect to the webservice again.

Again, thanks.