webservice endpoint alias configuration and usage problem

hi guys, maybe you could shed some light into this for me, please:

  1. have a WSDL file from a 3rd party system, which is pointing to a certain location (wsdlsoap:address location)
  2. I generated WSD and connectors and all is working fine
  3. now I would like to change the endpoint location, to which the web service descriptor should be connecting…
    This should be possible to do with endpoint alias settings for the binder inside the WSD.
    However, I set up an alias (another IS, just for testing) and assigned this port alias in the WSD for the binder and its still not working.
    The WSDL that is generated now is still pointing to the same location as before and even at runtime, the web service is accessing the original system.
    When I look into the generated connectors, the ‘address’ input for the soapClient call is hardcoded, and I cant change the port settings for the descriptor either (grey in developer).

Am I missing something here?
Do I need to refresh/regenerate all connectors after the alias is assigned? (that would not be very good as i would need to do some custom changes to the connectors every time)

Or is the address really taken from the endpoint alias (if there is one assigned to the binder) inspite of the hardcoded input in the connector flow?

I would just like to be able to change the endpoint location for the WSD on the fly.

At the moment I can get it working only if I overload the address for soapClient by putting the new location into the ‘_url’ input for the connector flow.

Maybe I am totally off the track here…
Thanks a lot for any input


On IS Admin Page : go to Settings → web services.
Create an alias for your webservice
in Developer, click on the WSD provider and then click on binder which you can see on binder tab.

Now see the properties panel, you should see a drop down for port alias. In that dropdown you will be able to see the alias which you have created earlier.
Use that.


Hi All,

I am on the same boat, we want to create a endpoint alias and define it in the binder.

My problem is that the port address that the webservice makes the call is in this format.


Now, Where should I mention this url while creating the endpoint alias. we’re on 9.6 version.

Please let me know.

Thank you.

When creating end point alias for consumer type,
just select Transport type: HTTP or HTTPS
then only put:
Host Name or IP Address: abcd.ccc.com
Port Number: 80
the full URL will be constructed based on the info provided in WSDL <soap:address location=…

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Hi Wang,

Thank you for your reply. Okay. I did the same way as you suggested and then edited the WS to select the default as the EndPointAlias I created.

Just need one confirmation, I am not able to edit the port address - Looks like I have to leave it as is and should not worry as the hostname will be pulled from the endpoint alias.

So, When I move this to QA or Prod, if I simply create endpoint alias based on the hostnames of QA and PRD. I should be good I guess. Please let me know.

Thanks for all your time.

yes, it should work.
Between QA & PROD, only IP & port can be different.

Thanks Sumit & Tong, it solved my problem.