webservice develop

I want to develop a web service by webmethods. but I can’t understand some questions. Please help me clarify these(version 7.1):

  1. I develop a flow service and have to expose the service. And generate a WSDL file to web service client to use. Is it used between client and server by SOAP-MSG or SOAP-RPC?

  2. Another I can use SOAP Message to do this. I develop a flow service and define the top interface name to wsdns1:inPayload. On web service client, I will use SOAP message(heade, body) to call the service. I need to clarify the questions:
    a. If I use the way, I must the interface name to wsdns1:inPayload?
    b. Must the service dispose?
    c. is the way used by SOAP-MSG? not SOAP-RPC?
    d. If 1 and 2 ways all are used by SOAP-MSG? could you explain the differents?


I assume you have created WSD (as Provider) and exposed a IS service (Operation):

Is this your folder:servicename (wsdns1:inPayload)??

What settings you have for eg:

Directive: ws
SOAP version: SOAP 1.1
Transport: HTTP (Soap-HTTP)?? Note:SOAP-RPC is deprecated in 71
Use and Style: Document-Literal or RPC-Literal?