Webservice connector migration

We are first time working with a web services and web connector. I have created a web service connector for one of ours partner test server to ours webmethods test server. I checked the web service connector code and its having ours client test server address.
Now my question is how to move the web service connector from test to production? Either I should create the web service connector from client’s production to webmethods test and publish to webmethods production or create the web service connector in webmethods production directly from client’s production.
What are others webmethods users are using to migrate web service connector?
Please Advice.

Ranjan Khanna

I would only use a web service connector in early development. Once you have things working, modify the generated Flow service to read the endpoint address from a properties file (or database table, if you prefer).

Promotion to the next environment should not involve regenerating the Flow service (web service connector) from a new WSDL. Move the code and update the properties file or database table with the correct endpoint address (and login credentials, if required).