Webserivce versioning in 7.1.3???


We have the below requirement:

Release 1: Develop a webservice with one operation (Add) in it.
This operation has two input parameters which are mandatory.

Release 2: The Add operation now should be able to add three numbers that are given in the input. So we need to add one new input field which is also mandatory.
No seperate WSDL URL or Add operation should be created. We can only update the existing WSDL.

Post release 2, the webservice clients which send only two input values fail.

What are the approaches to implement the above requirements without breaking the existing clients?

Someone suggested to version the targetnamespace in the WSDL. I din’t really get what they mean. Not sure how that can be implemented in wM.

Please suggest.

We need this to be implemented in 7.1.3
We dont have centrasite as of now.


Hi Ravi,

If the third input parameter is optional (the old clients do not provide it) why have you made it mandatory?

Could you try to set in the Properties view Required=false for the third input parameter and regenerate your WSDL.


In essence and in alignment to webServices guidelines what you are trying to is incorrect. Once you have finalized your WSDL which means the input parameters to your service are locked and associated bindings are created. If you now change the existing service add more business logic i.e. in your case addition the Webservice will not work as the back-end service’s input signature has changed.

As a best practice any time you change any service parameters on your package its a good idea to recreate a WSDL.