WebMethods9.7 Intergration Server


We are able start Integration server and access to Administrator console using http://localhost:5555, but facing below issue while trying to connect Integration server from Designer.

[color=red]Connection failed for localhost:5555 (java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError)

Could not initialize class com.wm.net.NTLMEngineImpl[img][/color][/b]

Seems you are trying to use NTLM authentication, search this forum for NTLM, follow on how to configure it.


Can you share some details on the above error, what did you do to fix this please.


I tried all possible ways to solve that, but somehow while doing workarounds, it got connected and sometime facing the same issue.

  1. Restarted Integration server after deleting all the logs.

Error description: Attached the screenshot for your perusal.

Dear Tong Wang,

I have searched the forum based on NTLM keyword, but didn’t get the correct information, what I’m looking for.
Sometimes we are able to connect the IS from Designer but most of the times, facing the above mentioned issue.
Attached the error screenshot for your perusal.

Could you please help us in resolve the same.

I got some information for you: Meanwhile share the full error log details from designer.

Try below, it might help you to fix the error on designer.

Check if WmWin32 package is enabled if yes do the following to deactivate Integrated Windows authentication

  • In the Packages menu of the Navigation panel, click Management.
  • In the list of packages, click WmWin32.
  • Click Browse services in WmWin32.
  • In the list of services, click wm.ntlm:unreg.
  • Click Test unreg.
  • Click Test (without inputs). The server deactivates Integrated Windows authentication.

to activate,
Run wm.ntlm:reg

I recommend you disable WmWin32 package.

Update me back with your results and observations. Are you on free trial?


Please try to increase the min memory size in eclipse configuration settings.

Let me know the result.