WebMethods601 Developer with Class Clash problem in JavaServices

Amarnath, are you using JDK 1.3 as your compiler for IS Developer ? Have a look at the readme.txt file in the IntegrationServer root directory. It says:

When compiling with JDK 1.3, webMethods’ namespace persistence
scheme for Java services may violate the Java language rule
governing “Name Conflicts Between Types and Subpackages.” As a
result, when using JDK 1.3 to compile Java services on webMethods
Integration Server, Java services can only be created at a single
level within a folder hierarchy

For example, the following is valid:

-> Java Service1
-> Java Service2
-> FolderB
–> Flow Service1
–> Flow Service2

However, all Java services in the FolderA hierarchy must be
directly under FolderA; no Java services may be defined within
FolderB (or all Java services must be moved to FolderB).

Note that you can successfully add a Java service to FolderB;
however, changes to services in FolderA will no longer compile.

This sounds like your problem.



Thanxs for that…
Wayne Leishman

Hi guys, one simple question:

When compiling java services from the webMethods Developer, which “javac” is used?

I have jdk 1.4 installed on my system which has 1.4 java.exe and 1.4 javac.exe. The Developer has its own java.exe but NO javac.exe. I have only ONE javac on my PC, so I have to assume that the files are getting compiled using the 1.4v javac. AND the Develper Support Information shows 1.3 because Developer’s java.exe is 1.3. But the error shown above is thrown at compile time. Hence this error applies to javac.exe 1.4 as well.I am on Developer/IS 4.6.

Please correct me if I am wrong and provide the right answer to my question as well.

When saving a Java service, the source is compiled on and by the server, not on the machine running Developer. Which compiler IS uses is controlled by the watt.server.compile setting in server.cnf. Refer to the installation guide for information.