Webmethods6 and Informix database

Hi All,

In Webmethods6 platform, How to connect to Informix database?. JDBC Adapter supports only Oracle and SQL server.
What are the possible solutions to connect Informix database?.

Thanks in advance.

I know this post preceding this was about 2 years old, but the WmJDBCAdapter documentation says that the IBM Informix database is supported. Is there some other catch to using the WmJDBCAdapter with Informix? Should the WmDB be used instead when connecting to Informix?


If the docs say that Informix is supported, then I would go with that. It is possible that an early release of the adapter only supported Oracle and MS SQL.

WmDB is not deprecated, but is kept alive to support backward compatibility for clients who have not yet upgraded to IS 6.x


Thanks Mark,

I am using a 6.1 IS, and I tried connecting to an Informix DB with the settings specified in the WmJDBCAdapter document, but I get the following error message:

Cannot connect to the database with DataSource class “com.informix.jdbcx.IfxDataSource”.
com.informix.asf.IfxASFException: Attempt to connect to database server (bnsndv05) failed.

My settings are as follows:

DataSource Class: com.informix.jdbcx.IfxDataSource
serverName: bnsndv05
user: ifxuser
password: ******
databaseName: bill02
portNumber: 10365
Other Properties: IfxIFXHOST=bnsndv05

Some of the other things I tried -
Changed the server name to the IP address, added driverType=oci in the “Other properties” field, set the jvm to 1.3 and 1.4.

I am using informix JDBC 3.0 drivers. Would that be an issue?

Also, there are a few enterprise adapters that are able to successfully connect to the same DB. It is just the WmJDBC in 6.1 IS that is unable to do so.

Please help!

Tried changing to JDBC2.2 (JC4) drivers too. Same result. Any ideas?