WebMethods with MongoDB


Has anybody worked with webMethods connectivity to MongoDB? I have searched in the forums as well the webMethods documentation but I do not find any information as to how to configure and interact with MongoDB using webMethods. If anyone has worked on it please share your knowledge on the same.


I don’t has such experience. But I want to know you want use MongoDB in JDBCAdapter or JDBC Pools.

Hi Shanthi,

I doubt that webMethods internal functionality will work with MongDB as it is not a supported Database Version as per SystemsRequirements Guide.

In JDBC Adapter connecting to a MongoDB should be possible as long as they provide a JDBC Driver.
This should be checked on the MongoDB side.


Thanks for your responses.

Xiaowei Wang

I would want to use the JDBC Adapter to connect to MongoDB.

Holger von Thomsen

I agree with you I would have to try using the JDBC Adapter that is available to try establishing connectivity with MongoDB. I see in their website that they do have a driver for Java,may be I will try with that.

OK please try that option and update the forum back: :smiley:


Hey Challa,
Could you please let us know, if you were able to make the connectivity to the Mongo DB using our JDBC adapter?

As far I am aware that the below ones are supported by JDBC adapter 6.5

Oracle, MSQL, MySQL, DB2, JTOpen, DataDirect, jConnect, Informix, Teradata, Advanced Server JDBC Connector

Not sure about Mongo DB, check with SAG support before you invest your time.

sharma.vishal Sharma,

We have written our own DataSource class leveraging the Java driver MongoDB provides and were able to establish connectivity using the webMethods JDBC adapter.

OK thanks for the updating back this thread!

Please provide the source code to SAG for later development of MongoAdapter :smiley:

Hi Shanthi,

Could you please share the DatSource class if you are authorized. It will be helpful.

And also I will open this request for Mongo DB on BrainStorm on SAG.

Very interesting. Which all adapter services have you tested?
MongoDB java driver is not JDBC compliant and the way you insert or query data through those APIs are different.
I guess you would have done a lot of JDBC wrapper classes around the MongoDB java driver. We actually are doing some research on this to offer no sql connectivity via the JDBC adapter. Please do share the details.


Interesting topic…please provide us more details if you are allowed to share. :smiley: