Webmethods - Version controling

I see in the documentation that webmethods supports Version controlling with VCS - Version controlling system. But the document says about following version controls
Visual source safe
ClearCase, and Subversion, the open-source VCS

We use TFS (Microsoft Team foundation server) for version controlling,

Can someone suggest if we can implement VCS to have TFS as version controlling software?


Hi Sree ,

Which version you are using ??

The described support and limitation apply if you use version control from within Integration Server.
If you do local development, you can use nearly every version control supported by eclipse or even work filebased.
The limitation is IS, because sourcecode for IS is stored inside IS filesystem, not in the eclipse workspace (like for porcesses, caf assets etc.). With Designer Workstation comes the possibility to version assets in a local IS from within Designer (and therefore use standard eclipse versioning plugins).


As martin suggested please use local service devlopement. It have great advantage than configure SVN in IS, but you need license to use it in 8.2

If you want to configure SVN in IS. Check with SAG about supportablity of TFS

Thanks to u all who responded.

Though we use the licenced version of WM8.2 at our work, I downloaded 9.5 trial on my personal PC and would try version control using TFS.

I would like to have version control for the local developments.

Can someone suggest the document on “How to…” in addition to what we have by SoftwareAG.

I am not sure whether webMethods 9 and above support Team Foundation Server (TFS) (is it possible to integrate TFS with webMethods).

Can you tell me whether TFS is same as GIT?

That is what I wanted to know if TFS is supported for V9.5.

TFS (Team Foundation Server) is the version control from Microsoft like VSS. VSS(Visual source Safe) is the older and now TFS is been used since last 5 years +.

+1 For Martin’s reply.
Using Designer local service development feature you can connect to most of SCM system even TFS. This feature is available from webMethods relelase 9.0 onwards.Only thing is that you need to get license for every deisgner local worksation that is the only limitation. This is basically a designer/eclipse plugin which allows you to share your code and artifacts to version control systems.

With VCS package there is a limitation that you can connect to only one repository.But with local service development feature you can connect to any number of repositories.

Sree, i believe 9.5 trial version offer Designer workstation.
you need to download and install eclipse plugin for TFS (version should be compatible with your TFS version).