Webmethods User Creation to access servererrorsessionauditGuranteed delivery logs


We have a requirement where in we have to create a user which has only access to webemthods log data and it should not have access to other admin console resources.
I would like to know are there any groups available in webmethods with that we can create a user account ,which can access logs information(audit,server,session,error and Guranteed delivery logs) only without having access to other admin console resources.

Please let me know if any group is there which fulfills my requirement.If not let me know in any other way I can achieve this.


Search the Advantage samples. They have a package that “Allows you to limit access to the links in Integration Server Administrator, based on groups.”

Ram, wM has a custom package that can be used to implement this functionality. It allows the server administrator to customise the links that display on the Integration Server Administrator’s menu (left frame), based on groups.

For more information you can visit the advantage site.