webmethods trail 9x version

Hi Team,

Iam still unable to recive any mail from the software ag team, even after sending mail asking for license key.
can any one please help me out.


You can again click on the download link and re-download the image and license key for windows or linux

or you should write an email to technologycommunity@softwareag.com and wait for the response.

Contact me on the below mail: mahesh.kumar181450@gmail.com I can assist you further :slight_smile:

Hi mahesh,

I havent recieved the download link yet, so i sent an email to technologycommunity@softwareag.com and waiting for the response fromlast one week.

Still I dont get any email from SAG, can you help me out here please :frowning:


As said before contact me on this email mahesh.kumar181450@gmail.com for further assistance.