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Hi Team,

I have a requirement to fetch all the documents received at TN layer along with its conversation I’d.

I am able to fetch the count of documents received at TN layer. but not sure how to query in order to fetch conversation I’d of each of the received documents.

Kindly help

May I know your requirement in detail?

The details you are looking for can be fetch either by WmTN package or from the backend TN product tables.

Hi Priyanka,

can you provide the code snippt how you are fetching the count?
This might give us a hint for how to retrieve the data.

Addtionally you might to have a look at TN Built-In-Services Reference Guide.


Hi Priyanka,

At 8.2, you can invoke wm.tn.query:createDocumentQuery, followed by wm.tn.query:documentQuery. This will include Conversation ID, if present, in the results.