WebMethods to IBM MQ

Can we use webMethods integration server 10.3.x to send messages to IBM MQ.

I have explored bit and see that there’s Websphere MQ adaptor available in integration server. Do we need to use this adaptor and send messages via JMS packages by configuring new inbound / ourbound connections in adaptor.
Inputs regarding approach will help.

Yes. We can configure new connection with these details (IBM queue manager name,hostname, port, username, password,queue name) in webSphere MQ Adapter.

and after that using SAG designer, we can create MQ adapter service with put template using the connection created.

Using the MQ adapter service, we can send the data to IBM MQ.

and also we can send the data from your flow service to adapter service to send the data to IBM MQ.


Thank you for response. Appreciate it.