webmethods send mdn in html not in text/plain - for aplication/octet-stream received messages


I am really stuck and I can not find solution to this problem:

we have two partnars:
first partnar:
send messages with
content-type:application/edifact and application/txt
the mdn is generated and they do receive a good mdn in text/plain

the second partnar:
send messages with
the mdn is generated (in webethods) and they do receive a mdn in html format.

and they can’t change the content-type because of their system limitations

in webmethods and logs the MDN is well generated and received .

the “byteout” of ediint:sendMDN is well formated .

the partner still receiving the MDN in html format : see the attached file for received MDN ( mndok.html )

is there any way to solve that kind of problem

thanks in advance
mdnok.html (2.42 KB)


We solved the problem finaly:


register the content handler with EDIINT module using the service wm.EDIINT.util:addContentType.

thanks in advance

Glad to hear, thanks for updating the thread with resolution.


Can anyone explain the configuration setup to avoid taking a valid MDN response and wrapping it in a text/html “report” of the MDN response as shown in this post which is an invalid AS2 response format?

I know very little about webmethods but seems that somehow the default routing of the MDN response sends it through a module that then produces an invalid response format and the remote partner cannot parse the response because it does not conform to the AS2 specification standard???