Webmethods Reverse Invoke Server restart order


I was wondering if there’s a order for restarting Reverse Invoke Server. I mean if I should restart ‘internal’ IS first, then Reverse Invoke, the opposite so Reverse Invoke first then ‘internal’ IS or it doesn’t matter? I am using the version 8.2.

I tried to search for the answer but it’s not clear. Some say RI first, then internal IS, some say the opposite, and the others that it doesn’t matter.

Adam Hertyk

Hi There,

While starting, first you have to go with IS as IS should be up and ready to accept requests from RI/LB and then go with RI.

While shutting down, first Shutdown RI so that it doesn’t accept new requests from external pts and then go with IS.

Kindly let us know in case of any more questions on this.


Thanks a lot!