Order of starting different component of webmethods

Can anybody please let me know in which order we need to start the following components

  1. MWS
  2. Integration server
  3. Analytic Engine

I think we need to start Integration server after starting the analytic engine and MWS.
Early response in appreciated

Thanks in advance

Rohit Dhiman

All these components works independently. Typically, none of them depends on the other when you want to start the servers.

YeaH i know that, but i am asking it in production env,
you don’t want to fail any transaction
means if intergration server is up and you are in process to start borker server
but in means time one service has published the document then this transaction will fail
So i am sure on that broker server should start first before intergration server
but not sure about analytic engine and Integration server

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