Webmethods Propertyfiles retrieval(cache issue)


We have set up cluster servers for 6.5 recently and we observe that every time we have to run manually the following service laf.tnCommon.globalProperties:getGlobalPropertiesFromTN to make the value of cache as true to fetch the property files.

We cannot fetch any propery file values for the flows without doing this(ie. Manually running the service). Once the service is run we can see the property files are fetched appropriately for the flows.

Manual Exceution of this service is needed after every restart of servers.

can anyone clarify that any setting needs to be done at server level or database level for the cache so that we dont have to do the manual executions everytime.

Please suggest your thoughts on the same.

you can make the service you mentioned as a startup service for your package, so it will run after the package is loaded.

Indeed a good solution. IMHO other option is to schedule the service at a specified interval of time.