webMethods Package checker

We are using webMethods IS 9.8

We are on the process of Optimizing Code and perform some code changes on the existing services.

May we know if there are available tools that validates the Packages and its contents (I’ve tried one on my previous project but I forget the name) ?

Thank You All.

Are you looking for Code Review Tool for webMethods Services? If yes, I can provide some details and code review guidelines and polcies checklist.

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Yes Mahesh, I am looking for the tool as well as formulating Code Review guidelines.

Hello Rig,

I think you might find useful the posts I have written on this topic here: https://wm-explorer.com.

They start with “Coding Guidelines in webMethods IS…” and there are 6 of them.

The last one (https://wm-explorer.com/coding-guidelines-in-webmethods-is-sixth-part/) also mentions tools used for code review.

Hope it helps.


Yes Vlad, I am following on your page also and I get some points in there for the coding guidelines and performance considerations.

For now, is there a tool in SAG that we can use for Code Review or we can load the package and it checks the compliance of each components base on the guidelines?

Hello again,

Yes, there is.

It is called ISCCR (Integration Server Continuous Code Review).

I have mentioned it here: https://wm-explorer.com/coding-guidelines-in-webmethods-is-sixth-part/

You can use it both as an Designer plugin and also you can run it from Jenkins for example.

It is not delivered with the standard.

You would have to contact your local GCS Representative.

Apologies to miss that Tury,
I’ll go check on it.


Hope you have got all the answers to your question if not feel free to ask and have a great day.

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Thank you all for checking on this.
Will update this thread once done with the activity.

There are good options for code review and code quality validation out there. One such a solution is offered commercially by my company. The rules of the community does not allow me to elaborate but if this still an open question, feel free to connect on LinkedIn.

Regards, Christian