Add efficiency with smart AddOns

Issue 3, 2014

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Add efficiency with smart add-ons 
GCS tools for webMethods and ARIS

Stay ahead of business demands by using proven tools developed by experienced Software AG consultants. The tools we’ve created are the result of decades of experience with hundreds of projects. No one knows Software AG’s products better. Count on these tools to accelerate your transformation into a Digital Enterprise, and make your ongoing use of the webMethods and ARIS platforms more comfortable and efficient. 


Accelerate webMethods project implementation
Developed by expert consultants of Software AG, webMethods tools are the result of an austere process of maturation and a commitment to project implementation excellence and best practices. The tools will help you save testing time with increased automation. They also provide insights into the complexity of your code base and help reduce the time and effort you spend managing versions in a distributed development environment. Take a closer look at the tools for webMethods:

Test tool
Testing is essential to ensure a smooth process flow. Software AG’s automated test tool for webMethods simulates services without any code modifications to simplify your migration and upgrade projects. You can save up to 70 percent of the time it traditionally takes to test with this tool.
Analyzer for webMethods
With the analyzer for webMethods, you can quickly gain insights into the complexity and scale of your integration code base. The analyzer reports on the overall implementation and supports estimation processes for large-scale migrations and upgrades in a matter of seconds.
Configuration management tool
Spend 90 percent less manual effort on configuration management and up to two-thirds less time effort on staging management with our configuration management tool. This tool ensures your solutions work everywhere by integrating your deployment chain. 
Designer plug-in for local development
Simplify version management with our designer plug-in for local development that enhances your use of webMethods Designer Workstation. The designer plug-in simplifies your version management and distributed development by supporting multiple VCS systems and Java® development and debugging. 
Documentation generator 
Technical code documentation is tedious and often out-of-sync with reality. Generate documentation automatically with documentation generator for webMethods. The tool automatically generates documentation and improves your documentation quality by ensuring it always reflects the latest code.
Improve process management with ARIS Consulting Tools
You use ARIS to manage your processes. Now you can improve the efficiency of your infrastructure even more with ARIS Consulting Tools. The tools enable you to generate documentation 50 percent faster, secure the segregation of duties already in the design phase and sync up with SAP® systems faster. They are the result of the vast ARIS insights and experience gained by Software AG’s GCS in some of the most demanding real-world projects. In detail, our ARIS tools are: 
Document generator for ARIS
Document generator for ARIS helps you generate manuals in Microsoft® Word in half the time and, at the same time, reduce errors, gaps and redundancies. Choose from different manual design variations and quickly modify the design with just a few clicks. 
Segregation of duties for ARIS tool
When designing processes and applications, you need to consider the functional separation of organizations and roles that legal specifications often require. Our segregation of duties tool helps you analyze violations predictively and quickly. You can more easily keep processes compliant by updating governance, risk and compliance rule sets. This tool also automatically recognizes new conflicts and violations in the design phase. 
Synchronization preparation in ARIS for SAP® Solution
Before synchronizing ARIS for SAP Solutions to SAP® Solution Manager, certain prerequisites have to be fulfilled. Using our sync prep report, instead of manually maintaining attributes and symbols, will save you time, reduce errors and check for breaks in modeling conventions. 
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