WebMethods OFTP Adapter 9.0 license

Hello there,

Our company wants to change the current solution used for OFTP transfers and therefore we would need some info regarding the license. Reading the install documentation 9-0_OFTP_Adapter_Install_Users_Guide.pdf, we came across something strange. It says that we also need to install a 3rdParty software for setting up the OFTP server (rvsEVO Server software). My question is, beside the license from Software AG for the OFTP Adapter do we also need an additional license from T-Systems?


Hi there,

Is there anyone that uses the OFTP Adapter? If so can you please provide us some info regarding acquiring the license?
We just need to know if by getting the license for the webMethods OFTP Adapter we also get the license for the rvsEVo server.

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Please contact SAG support or Sales.

rvsEVo server is a third party application and SAG does not provide license for it. The case is similar to any third party DB you are trying to connect thru WmJDBC Adapter.