webMethods Module 9.5 for AS4

Software AG is pleased to introduce the release of webMethods Module 9.5 for AS4. The module extends webMethods product suite capabilities to provide an implementation of the AS4 ebHandler conformance profile specified in the AS4 Profile. The module facilitates the secure exchange of messages, independent of payload type, across your trading network.

The module participated in the AS4 3Q14 Interoperability Test Round performed by Drummond Group and earned the distinction of Drummond Certified ™ by successfully completing and passing all required test cases demonstrating interoperability and conformance.

webMethods Module 9.5 for AS4 includes these enhancements:

Support for Two-way/Sync and Two-way/Push and Pull Messages
Supports Two-way/Sync and Two-way/Push and Pull message exchange patterns (MEP), enabling support for more complex message exchange patterns between partners.

Selective Pull
Supports selective pulling of a subset of messages posted on an MPC based on simple or complex selection criteria.

Leverage Certificates Set Up in webMethods Trading Networks
Leverages the partner certificates set up in Trading Networks to sign, verify, encrypt, and decrypt AS4 messages exchanged between partners. The webMethods Integration Server keystore continues to be used as a repository for all certificates related to the Enterprise.

To learn more about this release, read the latest documentation available through the Software AG customer portal Empower at https://empower.softwareag.com/Products/Documentation/.

Best regards,
Software AG Product Management