Webmethods Migration to 10.5

Hi Can anybody help me replacement service for this wm.tnweb.querySvc:getDocuments.

Its mentioned as deprecated in 10.5. Please need some advise.


Hi Sanjeevini,

please check the TN Built-in Services Reference for further informations.

The whole WmTNWeb package has been deprecated and removed long time ago.

Check if the service wm.tn.query:documentQuery might help you.


On the lighter side, deprecated means it is not removed yet. It would still work but at some point in future versions it may be removed.

Hi Senthil,

it is already removed at least since the wM 9.x Series. I am currently not sure about the wM 8.x Series.
WmTNWeb was a package for the IS to provide some dsp pages to do some checks in TN (without having to use TNConsole) until the functionality moved to MWS.


Holger, Yes. All TN console features moved to MWS and in 10.x UI’s have changed with CSS styles too.

Sanjeevini, this package / service has been deprecated since 7.x (way before 2013). You will have to explore wm.tn.query:createDocumentQuery wm.tn.query:documentQuery and modify functionality

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Yes Senthil as you mentioned, Indeed those WmTNWeb is no longer available since 7.x ages and the only way now is to replace that similar type of functionality using these WmTN* query services - wm.tn.query:createDocumentQuery, wm.tn.query:documentQuery in association with other TN metadata services… :slight_smile:


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