webMethods IS restart after checking if any services are running


Here is my requirement.

I need to first check if any flow service is running on a particular IS(I have a flow service written for this which returns a true or false flag). Before I stop the IS using a perl script, I need to check if any of the flow services are running on the IS. What is the best approach to achieve this ?

  1. Writing a webMethods service which branches on the flag I generate(for is Service running) and stopping the IS using the fireCommandExec to execute the perl script

  2. Include a curl command in the script itself which will fetch the flag(for is Service Running) and based on the it will stop the IS

To shut down the IS, you don’t need to run script, you can invoke service wm.server.admin:shutdown in WmRoot package.


To see any services (flow, java) that is currently running on IS can be found at Service Usage page under Server on IS. You have an option “Show running services on top”

See whether you can use this functionality for your requirement.

Could you please share service name used for the restart of IS server

Thanks in Advance

What is your requirement here?

Check server-shutdown.dsp and wm.server.admin:shutdown

Actually ,my requirement is that i want to restart a list of servers one after the other in chain by invoking service in IS.

Note:- Once the restarted server comes UP then only go for restarting the next server.
wm.server.admin:shutdown will shutdown the server however i want service which restarts the server.

Not sure, whether build-in ‘startup’ service is available.

But you try with UNIX script, where you need to call server.sh(./IntegrationServer/bin/) and enhance further to start all servers one by one based on your requirement.

Yes that should be the option 1 and option 2 is to write a java service to restart the IS.

Option 1 looks more feasible and flexible if you are on Unix/Linux.

What is your OS?

Do you mind elaborating a little more on why this is needed? I’m curious because this is an unusual requirement. Achieving what you want is definitely feasible but I’m thinking there will be a better solution to the issue at the heart of this discussion.