webMethods.io Integration End To End Monitoring Alerts


This article explains about End to End Monitoring and alerts in Webmethods.io integration


It is assumed that readers of this article know how to create workflow and integrations on Webmethods.io integration.


  • Create Integration on FlowEditor
  • Create workflow and invoke FlowEditor integration.

      Artifacts created

  • Create FlowEditor service named as GetAccountData
  • Create Workflow name it as AccountService.
  • Invoke the FlowEditor Integration within workflow.

  • Navigate to End to End Monitoring using App Switcher
  • Overview provides the Total transaction count with their individual status
  • Topology provides pictorial representation of flow of transaction

  • Create the group on the dashboard of end to end monitoring.
  • This group will bundle all the request for a particular transaction.

  • Provide the group Name as Accounts
  • Select products for which monitoring needs to be done
  • Give the transaction name as your flow service name

  • Navigate to Alert and click on Rule list
  • Click on create rule

  • We create the rule on key performance indicators (KPI)
  • While creating rule 3 options are provided for KPI
  • KPI on Error Count
  • KPI on Error rate
  • KPI on Average response

  • In this case KPI is set on Average response time.
  • Configure the email ID in the recipients to get the notification.
  • As per the rule, Email will be sent if average response time is greater than 10ms.


  • Navigate to Webmethods.io workflow
  • Trigger the workflow.

  • Navigate to End to End monitoring.

  • Click on Accounts

  • Select GetAccountData

  • In this case email is sent as transaction took more than 10ms to complete.