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We have 3 regular webMethods.io environment for our enterprise needs (dev/uat/prod), however we used to play with free for ever instances for nodejs custom connectors development for reducing possible breaks on workflow development. Never feels great even on dev that your connector suddenly crash.

However, we aren’t able to create new free for ever instance, tested 3 times over past 5 days. Is the offer still available ?

It should be possible here Sign up - Software AG Cloud

Do you get any error or anything that can help troubleshoot? Or you’re just not receiving the confirmation email?
I just tested filling in the form and got the email after ~1 minute. I see there are some new security measures:

  • Password must be 16 chars min
  • 2FA needs to be set up in order to access the environment

Previous days, we were getting the “setup in progress” but no emails (tested myself 4 times and some other colleagues as well without success). No mail in spam or what so ever.
After your message, tested again and now I got the email. I guess something has change or is fixed.
thanks !

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