webMethods.io Connector Builder Trial Edition Release Announcement

Software AG is pleased to announce the release of webMethods.io Connector Builder Trial Edition.

The webMethods.iо Connector Builder Trial Edition is a light-weight bundle that contains webMethods CloudStreams Server and Connector Development Plugins, Software AG Designer with local service development plugin, Unit Test Framework, and webMethods Microservices Runtime 10.5.

This bundle, which is easy to install and setup, is available for building connectors, testing, and running these with a local development server.

We welcome you to download and test this and share your feedback with us. Please share your questions or concerns on webMethods.io Connector Builder forum and we will be happy to answer them.

This is not supported with our official Software AG Global Support as we are offering it as a trial.

For documentation on webMethods.iо Connector Builder, please refer to Guide to download and install webMethods.io Connector Builder.