Guide to Download and Install Connector Builder Connector Builder 10.5 Documentation

Overview Connector Builder is a lightweight integrated design and development tool that includes:

  • webMethods Service Development for designing and developing Integration Server assets (such as services, document types, triggers, and web service descriptors) and managing them under version control.
  • webMethods CloudStreams Server and Plugin Development for designing and developing Connectors.
  • Unit Test Framework for creating unit tests for the services that you develop and include in Continuous Integration for build verification.
  • webMethods Microservices Runtime (referred to as Local Development Server) for deploying and testing the assets.

Installing Connector Builder 10.5


  • Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Zulu Java 1.8
  • A file compression tool that supports the .ZIP file format

To install:

Download the Connector Builder archive from the below link: Connector Builder Free download (make sure you login if you already have a Tech Community account or sign up for a free account).

Note: Connector Builder requires Zulu Java 1.8. Archive files with and without Zulu Java are provided on the portal. If you want to use an archive without the JDK, ensure the JAVA_HOME variable is set to the Zulu JDK 1.8 location before you proceed.

  1. Extract the downloaded Connector Builder archive to a directory that does not include spaces in the name.
  2. From the extracted folder run ConnectorBuilder.exe to launch Connector Builder. 

Once Connector Builder launches, it prompts you to start the Local Development Server. You can also start (and stop) the Local Development Server from the Server menu in Connector Builder.

Managing Local Development Server

You can start, stop, restart, and debug the Local Development Server using the Server menu in Connector Builder.


  1. It is recommended that while working with Local Service Development use cases, maintain the VCS repository and projects outside of the Connector Builder workspace and Integration Server packages directory.

  2. Important: For security purposes, we recommend that you change the default Integration Server password. 

Included components

  • webMethods Service Development (restricted to capabilities for use with the bundled runtime)
  • webMethods CloudStreams Server and Plugin Development
  • webMethods Microservices Runtime
  • Local Version Control Integration
  • webMethods Unit Test Framework

Known issues

In Connector Builder, under Local Service Development when a package is created as an Integration Server linked resource and is deleted from the Package Navigator view, Connector Builder removes the package from the 'ConnectorBuilder_Home\IntegrationServer\packages' directory as well as from the externally linked folder of the VCS system.

As a workaround for this issue and to avoid deletion of the contents from the externally linked folder, first, delete the linked folder from 'ConnectorBuilder_Home\IntegrationServer\packages' directory and then go to 'Packages > Management' page in Integration Server Administrator and delete the package.


Disclaimer Connector Builder is not officially supported by Software AG. You can also post your queries to the Tech Community forum ' Connector Builder'. We will do our best to answer your questions and welcome your feedback. If there are any issues reported, we will do our best to address them but cannot guarantee that they will be resolved.