webMethods.io B2B Environment Management & Promoting Assets Across Environment/Stages

WebMethods.io B2B Environment Management & Promoting Assets Across Environment/Stages


This article explains about how to promote B2B assets to higher environment and stages


It is assumed that readers of this article know how to set up B2B partners on the webMethods.io B2B platform.


  • Set up a B2B enterprise profile.
  • Partner profiles, Business documents, channels, and processing rules are already created.
  • The environment is provisioned to which the assets need to be published from the current environment(Source and Target environment)

Register environment:

  • We need to register the environment to which assets need to be deployed from the current environment to a higher environment.
  • Click on setting and select Environment
  • Currently, we can see the default environment
  • Click on Register environment


  • Assign the name to a higher environment like UAT, PROD

  • Select the environment on which we need to deploy the assets.
  • In our case, we are deploying to PROD stage


  •  Provide the username and click on the register



  • Click on the Asset migration icon and select the export tab within it.

  • We can see all partner profiles, business documents processing rules, and document attributes.
  • Select partner profiles, business document, processing rules, and other dependent artifacts which needs to be deployed.
  • After selecting all the artifacts click on add to export list.





              B2B assets can be moved to a higher environment in 2 ways


  • Using export option all the components can be exported in zip format and then the same can be imported in another tenant.
  • Channels and certificates won’t get exported.

Create a new Deployment:

  • Select create a new deployment option.
  • Provide the name for deployment.             
        Name: ABC_Prod_deployment
  • Select the target environment
  • Provide a user name and password.
  • Click finish.
  • Once we click finish assets are published to the target environment.  

Deployment Logs:

  • We can see the deployment logs from the source system under the outbound tab.


  • Deployment logs provide details such as event name, source environment, etc.


  • Connect to the environment (PROD, UAT) to which we have published the assets
  • Click on Asset migration and select the Deployments tab.
  • Click on Available deployments.

  • Select available deployments and click Next.

  • Click Proceed.

Deployment logs from the target environment:

  • We can see the deployment logs from the target system under the inbound tab.



     Suppose if we want to deploy again the same assets to the higher environment.

  • Go to Asset Migration --> Deployments
  • Click on available deployments
  • Select the desired deployments. 


  • Click on publish deployment.

  • Provide the password and click publish.
  • This will publish the deployable assets to the target environment.

  • Deployment logs for it can be viewed on source and target environments both.