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I have created a WF in webmethods IO Integration and created a rest API using WF for in wm IO.

when calling API endpoint from postman …I got 403 Not Found error. I was using wm IO account credentials in postman when calling API.

Am I calling wrong url, do I need to configure IO API in API Gateway portal and then call it? cant we call API endpoint generated in IO directly ? or do I need use any other credentials for API in IO ?


You probably have an error in the path ?
You need to ensure that you combine both the API Base URL + the path of the resource you want to call. Also don’t forget to set the method appropriately i.e. GET / POST etc.

You could try posting a screenshot of your API, that way it might be easier for us to understand where it’s gone wrong.


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A screen shot of what you setup will be helpful.

Also, I created a video you can watch on how I exposed the Workflow using REST API and also how to expose it to wM.io API Gateway. You can access it from the Knowledge Portal here:

Create an account if needed and login. From the top, select Catalogue then Software AG Product Training.

In the Search field, type: wM.io Integration REST API Builder

I believe it’s free (but don’t blame me if it’s not :slight_smile: )

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screens.docx (106.0 KB)

PFA of rest API configuration created for WF

@Sandeep_Deepala What are you putting in the fields in Postman?
In addition to the recording I mentioned above, you can also find info in here:
webMethods.io Integration Tutorials - REST API Builder - Knowledge base / Video - Software AG Tech Community & Forums
There is also documentation here: REST APIs - webMethods.io Integration

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Hello @Sandeep_Deepala ,

Screenshot of what URL you are passing in postman will also help , assuming you are using API endpoint with the combination of credentials of tenant, it should work.


I was using base url, when i tried with base url + path it worked .


for invoking any IO service as an API is it mandatory that we need to use webhook trigger ?

no need for webhooks configs.

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