webMethods.io API Control Plane v11.0 Release Announcement

webMethods API Control Plane is Generally Available. What is API Control Plane?

API Control Plane is the one place to come for API product managers and API platform owners to help them understand and monitor their API landscape distributed across many runtimes in many different locations.

Check THIS for a quick introduction.

Highlights of the release

Single API Catalog

Single API Catalog for the entire API Management landscape for API Product Managers and API Platform Providers

  • Single list of all APIs with browse, filter and search capabilities
  • Difference highlighting for spotting out-of-line situations
  • Deep links to API runtimes (gateways, portals)

API runtimes

Unified view of all runtimes in the API landscape

  • webMethods API Gateways
  • others coming soon

Management and monitoring consoles for all runtimes

  • See and understand runtime deployment details
  • Monitor runtime performance and behavior

Data planes

Organized view of API Management runtimes landscape

  • Static or dynamic runtime grouping based on selected criteria
  • Aggregated data plane monitoring and analytics

Monitoring dashboards

Common monitoring and analytics dashboard

  • Persona-based view for API Product Managers and API Platform Providers
  • Aggregated and detailed key metrics to grab users’ attention and enable drill-down

Dedicated monitoring and analytic views

  • APIs
  • Runtimes
  • Data planes

API Control Plane is available