Webmethods Integration server receiving IDOCs from SAP system with a delay of 20 minutes

we have observed a delay of 20 minutes in receiving messages from SAP system. outbound messages from webmethods integration server to SAP is going fine without any issue during 20 minutes delay.

System details:
IS version: 9.9
SAP adapter details are attached here.
In server logs we can see that notification service is executed after 20 minutes gap.(logging level is set to trace for SAP adapter)

Any leads will be appreciated.

In live system, it’s not advisable to turn on the logging level to TRACE. This would produce extensive amount of logging to server log.

You need to look at sap listener configuration, not sap connection. You have to optimize thread numbers, timeout and connection count etc.

There could be lots of reasons contributing to delay and you have to profiling and debugging to find out where most of the time consumed. There are some KB in SAG empower site that explains more on that.

Happy troubleshooting.

Hi ,

Log Level for SAP-Adapter in IS Logging configuration is automatically set to Trace by the Adapter and will be set to Trace upon every restart of IS.
The real logging configuration of SAP-Adapter is done inside the SAP-Adapter itself.

You should check if it is possible to apply SAP_7.1_Fix19 together with JCo 3.0.19 and JCoIDoc 3.0.13 libraries.

Enable “Log Transaction Status” for both the connection and the listener and check in the SAP-Adapter for the Transaction Store, IDocs will be stored here.
Additionally check under Monitoring in SAP-Adapter if there any weird values.

See SAP Adapter Users Guide for further informations.


We tried to promote below fixes to the environment where 20 min delay is happening. However, no luck. Can you please suggest what configuration/parameter that is driving this 20 min delay? Can we reduce the delay to 5 minute (or) kill the thread while waiting?

Below is the error we see - It is happening during Commit and Confirm phases in SAP Adapter message processing
Error: >Sun Mar 08 01:31:21,561<

message: CPIC-CALL: ‘CMSEND’;
Connection closed


For generic SAP Adapter IDoc issue, refer to https://wiki.scn.sap.com/wiki/display/TechTSG/ALE+Troubleshooting+Guide.

For this error, it would be best that you take the CPIC error log and RFC trace log, and also check with the SAP Basis team to see on the same timing what do they observed on their system log/error log.

message: CPIC-CALL: ‘CMSEND’;
Connection closed


The basis guy will be able to advise you what has caused the connection closed.