webMethods Integration Server Frequent Connection Lost Error Reason


Can you please explain the threshold values of Statistics Usage

Current Peak Limit
Total Sessions 10 120 -
Licensed Sessions 10 116 2147483647
Stateful Sessions 0 16 2147483647
Service Instances 0 346 -
Service Threads 0 116 -
System Threads 912 913 -

Uptime 30 days 14h:45m:51s

Though i see the memory usage is around 50-60%. Frequently we are facing connection lost issue in designer.

Is it due to the sessions or system Threads going above some limit.

Also i need some explaination about column Limit in Usage Statistics.

Thanks in Advance.


Did you check with your network layer?

Again we don’t know howz your IS configured and connection lost seems a network reach issue.

Do you see any out of memory issues?


Karthik – which version of wM you are using ? Is it a recent issue. Is the issue only with designer or other wM components.


@RMG - some times we are facing out of memory error.

I just want to know how to maintain Statistics Usage. IS is installed in IBM AIX OS Machine.

Please provide your valuable comments.

@MR as173d - I’m using IS 9.5 version. Yes it is a recent issue. The issue is only with designer.

Also, please suggest me about IS restart based on statistics usage. what is the best practice for integration server restart?

Thanks in Advance.


Kathik – Server restart depends on how many transactions in a day IS performs,hardware configuration, … In general most of the org’s do server re-start for every 15 days or 30 days based on the IS behaviour.

For dis-connectivity of designer you can raise a ticket to SAG support and let us know once you hear back from them.


Yes I agree with the Mr as173d says and would suggest check the IS behaviour and raise a ticket with sAG about the Designer dis-connect.


I do not see the error message posted anywhere in this thread. Can you share the error dump from the server.log file.

Also make sure you have the latest core level fix of IS installed.