webMethods Integration Server Frequent Connection Lost Error Reason


Can you please explain the threshold values of Statistics Usage

Current Peak Limit
Total Sessions 10 120 -
Licensed Sessions 10 116 2147483647
Stateful Sessions 0 16 2147483647
Service Instances 0 346 -
Service Threads 0 116 -
System Threads 912 913 -

Uptime 30 days 14h:45m:51s

Though i see the memory usage is around 50-60%. Frequently we are facing connection lost issue in designer.

Is it due to the sessions or system Threads going above some limit.

Also i need some explaination about column Limit in Usage Statistics.

Thanks in Advance.


Hi Karthik,

I think you have posted this question to a incorrect group, this group is intended for Integration Cloud.
Please post your question in “ESB and Integration” group, so that right people can answer your queries.