webMethods integrating with Yantra via MQ


we are integrating wM 7.1.2 and Yantra via MQ (using MQ adapter 6.5). the process is, wM receives a flat file from MQ (IN queue) and transform into XML and push to MQ (out q) from where Yantra will pick-up the xml in JMS mode and then generate a record.

problem statement -
we are able to parse the flat file and generating the xml and pushing into MQ successfully. when Yantra is picking the xml and trying to parse the xml it is throwing error (parsing exception).

Question is - when webMethods publishing the xml, does wM has to bind or include JMS properties? if yes, what are the parameters it should consider for? or is there any option that we can solve the issue?

Please provide your quick assistance on this issue as we have to solve the issue ASAP.


Can you elaborate what exactly the parse exception (error details) was from Yantra side?

Just a side note, make sure the XML is well-formed/populating all the required fields that target system expects before Pub/Put to Q…

Is Yantra JMS mode expecting any MQMD header properties like ReferenceId (ApplIdentityData etc…)?