webMethods Insight Flash Impact

We are bringing to your attention an issue running webMethods Insight that may affect you starting Jan 1, 2021.
This is regarding the use of Flash within the product. Starting Dec 31, 2020 Adobe Systems will officially stop distributing and updating Adobe Flash. All major browsers MAY discontinue and block Adobe Flash at this end of life date. Most mainstream browsers now ‘call home’ regularly and automatically apply updates. As a result, there could be an impact to any monitoring screens that utilize Adobe Flash.

Your current version of Insight will continue to operate normally and there is no disruption to the flow of data being gathered and monitored. The impact is only to any monitoring screens utilizing Adobe flash. Those may not work due to automated browser updates. Please review the PDF document to understand the available options:
Insight De-Flash Impact V2.pdf

And review the Document with Steps to Install Insight Server/Agent Version 2020:
Steps to Install Insight ServerAgent Version 2020

Software AG Product Management