WebMethods GLUE problem

Hi All,
I am new to webM GLUE and i am using GLUE 5.0.1 Professional version. I have created a webService and successfully deployed on the Glue Server, and invoked using GLUE client(i mean Registry.bind … ). But when i try tio invoke it as a pure SOAP call from a standalone Java client using only JAVA1.3 APIs (No Glue API or System property settings) i am getting two types of errors (these Errors alternate and are not consistant)

Error 1:
Failed to send message: java.io.IOException: The server at http://172.
17.122.97:8010/glueServer1/services/CreateOrder returned a 404 error code (Not Found). Please ensure that your URL is correct, and the web service has deployed without error.

Error 2:
Failed to send message: java.net.SocketException: Connection aborted by peer: JVM_recv in socket input stream read.

Is this a known problem since in 5.0.1 with pure raw SOAP Message?? Or DO i need to change any thing in the glue-config or Service's .xml file for making it JAXM enabled... 

Appriciate help from anyone…