Webmethods Front End Hosting


Normally we use Weblogic or Tomcat to host our Front End Applications along with Webmethods for Integration puposes , Is there any way to host our Front End Applications solely by using Web methods Integration Suite ?

Neeraj Sharma

CAF ???

my webMethods is the Portal server of the webMethods suite, which is able to host webfrontends, especially those developed using CAF.
For simple frontends Integration Server can also host webpages, it usually comes with a Tomcat within it. But you should carefully consider if this is the appropriate architecture.

In addition to the above you can host your own solutions on IS using DSP (correct me if I am wrong)

Hi Neeraj,

It depends what you want to implement. If you want to host

  • as a webpage (JSPs/Servlests,html/dhtml,javascript etc) using internal webmethods tomcat server , refer 9-5-SP1_Web_Applications_Developers_Guide.pdf
  • as a internal webmethods page(html/dhtml,javascript) using DSP, refer 9-5-SP1_DSP_and_Output_Template_Developers_Guide.pdf
  • as a portal hosted on MWS(jsp,jsf etc), refer 9-5-SP1_CAF_Development_Help.pdf.

Hope that helps…

Namit Verma