webMethods for Microsoft Package

Hi all,
Iam in an urgent need of knowing about webMethods for Microsoft package.
With reference to the document provided in the documentation folder,
7-1_Microsoft_Package_Client_API_Programmers_Guide they have mentioned “webMethods add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio.NET”. Could someone please help me out on this… Am not getting the context…

Is it something other than installing the package in webmethods developer?

Thanks in advance,

Did you find the solution to use webmethods for microsoft package.

I am trying to understand how to write dot net services in webmethods and also invoking webmethods services from dot net .


Hi Sridhar and prasad,
Here is the link for documentation you can refer for .net configuration. please refer page number 21 ,22 and 55 for installation of ad-ons and packages in the same document . in page number 31 explained how to use in designer.


please use empower to download the packages.to login to empower you muct have account .

https://empower.softwareag.com/Products/DownloadProducts/testdownload.asp .
Let me know if you want any further information.