webmethods file encryption


Has anybody an idea about a file encryption tool/algorithm on webmethods Integration Server?
I need to encrypt a file, which should be decrypted afterwards by a simple WINZIP/7-ZIP.

I am interested in solutions other than writing a java service for it.

If anybody has samples/code examples about such a tool please reply.

Thank you very much!


If you want to make an encrypted ZIP file, especially without using Java, I think your best bet will be to write the file(s) to disk and then use pub.utils:executeOSCommand to call WinZip or 7-ZIP to zip and encrypt the file(s).

There isn’t any file encryption built into webMethods.

If you don’t have objection to convert the file to XML then as part of wM9.7 we do have encrypt/decrypt BIS, please try to make use of those.