webMethods Ezine Security for the webMethods Enterprise Server

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I believe this to be an excellent article on the topic of webMethods ES security. His approach to implementing a security framework is well thought out and presented and makes good sense in the realm of what is capable with the current toolset. I’ve implemented simple access security (1 master cert, 1 cert per deverloper) of the type he mentioned as an option and while it works fine for a small group, it would not scale for a large body of access. I give the article a 4 1/2 on the scale of 5. It is by far the best discussion I’ve seen on doing serious security setup for ES.

This is a good article. The concepts seem to be very well explained. And I like that the article tries to develop pieces of a policy, rather than merely explain how things work.

I suppose I should add this:

Disclaimer: The views in this posting are my personal views and to not represent webMethods; they do not constitute official security advice.

Christian Callsen
webMethods Broker Team