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could any one please tell me if there is any function to convert a documentlist directly to an xml String

Hi Hari

  U could refer the "webMethods Integration Server Built-in Services Reference.pdf" where ther are a number of built in services. 

There are services which coverts from documentListToDocument and then documentToXMLValues.


hi jimmy,

i had referred the BISR Guide already . i think u r referring to pub.document.documentlisttoDocument service . could u please tell me what to give in name and value field. this service was using key-value pairs . these are not found in normal documentlists right ? .


Hi Hari

    The name and value act as key-value pair where the the name is the key, it should be a string value and value the content. 
    Suppose in u'r Doclist u have Details of employees, where Name field can be the key and Age field can be value. 


hi jimmy

thankx for the tip. i will try to explain to u the situation in detail . i am receiving a documentlist from a stored procedure call with following fields as output , AgentID, IDType, SummaryType , FirstName , MiddleName, LastName. i want to convert the whole document list as a single xml string data entity so that it can be logged on as a message in a log databse. what is the criteria in choosing the name and value fields . can i use the above service in this case.

i received a documentList from DataBase with following fields as output, eno,ename,dept,basic,pf,ta,Total.I want convert the whole documentList as a Document.could any one please tell me .

Try the below service and see whether it will workout for you are not.
pub.document:documentListToDocument in WmPublic package.

hai chandra ,

thanx,but i have got following error: 

RuntimeException:cannot insert null key.

You should provide the name(key of the field like eno,ename etc.)this will convert it to a Document.Also see the documentation of the above service for more info.


i want flow steps of DataBase to XML Scenario useing JMS Adapter