webMethods/Email port for polling old emails in the inbox

Hi Team,

One customer is asking that they had set up an email port in IS admin -> security -> Port which will poll emails from mailbox and process the attachment using IS service.
However, They find the email port is only polling new emails received after port activation. All old emails already in the inbox are not processed.

Can you please advise if this is by design or anything they have missed in setting ?

What is the solution to use the old mails from inbox for IS service invocation ?

I have checked the document (9-5-SP1_Integration_Server_Administrators_Guide.pdf) but not found any such settings.

Thanks in advance for yours valuable inputs.

I don’t’ think the older emails will get it triggered as per the design/framework set.

You may have to either resend those emails and test it out the easier and best way to re-process.