webMethods Deployer.....Is this really efficient?


I heard good news about the Deployer. When we decided to implement the deployer at our environment, everyday is a bad day.
We are experiencing strange issues/exceptions/problems. We have huge code base and 30 models. We are frustrated with deployer exceptions when we try to deploy the complete code base along with models.

Some strange issues:

Deployer couldn�t display all process models in Modeler Deployment Set?

Suggested solution is, to update with Fix 4. Why should I update this old fix when Deployer running on FP1 and FP2?

After we update this fix even running on FP1 and FP2, we could resolve this issue for a while. But few hours later, the same problem persisted. I know it�s strange. We restarted the server and updated the fix again. But the problem persists.

Documentation states that the Deployer 6.1 FP2 can�t be used to deploy the process models which contain Work Flow steps?

Please read the following info available in advantage.

�Fix 4 allow users to deploy and enable Process
Models that include WorkFlow steps�.

But the documentation contradicts this statement. Which info is correct?

Please advice us.



Oddly, both documents are correct. Originally, Deployer FP2 was not going to support Process Models that contained Workflow steps at all. However, after some customer inquiries, we decided to that we would patch Deployer FP2 so that we could partially support Process Models that contain Workflow steps. Currently, we are able to deploy the Process Models but not the Workflows. Therefore, the user will have to deploy the Workflows manually outside of Deployer (separately from the Process Models).

In the next Deployer release, we will fully support deployment of Process Models that contain Workflow steps. That is to say that we will be able to deploy all components, and we will be able to track dependencies between Process Models and Workflows.

I am not sure why you are having difficulty with your deployment, but I would suggest contacting webMethods Technical Support to help you resolve your particular issues.

I hope this information was helpful.

best regards,
-Jeremy Yun


I appreciate your response and detailed answer.

If I understood clearly, we can proceed and deploy process models containing Workflow Steps with manual deployment of workflow related components.

Do you have any idea about next Deployer release which can deploy workflow components?

We are eagerly waiting for this release and appreciate your information regarding this spectacular release?

Anil K Atyam


Alas, I am a lowly engineer so I am unqualified to give release dates. However, I will say that we intend to ship the next version of Deployer this quarter. Because we are dependent on many other products and components, our schedule often changes and I don’t want to make any false promises. However, I would be surprised if we didn’t ship by the end of June.


Issue with deploying models using a Deployer is never ending. Even Deployer 6.5 Fix 5 couldn’t resolve this issue. We have opened service request for this issue with Deployer 6.1(8 months back)…right now we are at current fix level, but still no use. We have applied fixes to Modeler and IS too…