webMethods Deployer 6.5----Excellent


webM folks did a gread job for Deployer 6.5. Its awesome and loaded with baseline product code deployment needs (IS, Modeler, WF and Broker)…


But few Clarifications:

Lets say I have a model called Order Process which has a subsequent
package OrderProcess on IS generated by Modeler.

Also, the OrderPackage has dependent components in other packages lets
say, AMSPublic, AMSCommon, AMSFramework which are about to deploy using
IS Deployment set.

So, The deployer prompts to load all the dependents of OrderPackage
model when I choose my OrderProcess model in deployment set.

2 questions,

First, Do I have to choose the dependents in Modeler deployment set
again? (Coz, the dependents are already part of IS and targeted to physical IS)

Or, Can I ignore them as they are already part of IS Deployment set?

Clarification 2:

Deployer 6.1 and 6.5 let me allow to deploy any package and also sync up the broker documents (if any).

If i could use the above feature, Do I still need to deploy broker documents alone using Broker Deployment set?

Appreciate your comments.

Anil K Atyam

Anil Atyam-

Firstly, thank you for the kind words! It is nice to know that customers appreciate our efforts.

Answers to your questions follow.

#1 Yes, you can ignore the dependencies of a Model if you know you have already added those packages to another deployment set in the same project that is deploying to the same target. The reason we show these dependencies is because the Deployer allows users to deploy different Deployment Sets to different target servers. Therefore we cannot be assured that those packages will get deployed to the same target unless we place them in the same Deployment Set. However, users are allowed to ignore any dependency they know is not necessary. I think your case falls in this category.

#2 If all of the documents you want to sync to the Broker are in the packages you are deploying to IS, then you do NOT need to do a separate deployment of document types to the Broker. The new Broker deployment feature in Deployer 6.5 was intended to allow users to deploy document types without deploying the IS packages that contain them.