webmethods database connection string remains empty after deployment

webmethods database connection string remains empty after deployment. please check the snap. server name, port etc.

What are your IS Core, Deployer and JDBC Adapter fix levels?
How was this deployment performed? Deployer?
Do you have this problem with any other connection, or with the same connection but after deploying on a different IS node?


Deployment is done using CI-Asset (GitHub - SoftwareAG/sagdevops-ci-assets: Software AG DevOps library to support assets CI (continuous integration) with webMethods 9.x and 10.0. Work together with https://github.com/SoftwareAG/webmethods-sample-project-layout) and Jenkins.
The middleware packages which contains JDBC connection, is having this issue after deployment.

I see that the server info is configured in the OtherProperties section and this should work without the Server Name in this case.
Was Server Name populated on your source server?


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