webMethods Database Configurator [Oracle JDBC Driver]Transliteration failed,reason:invalid UTF8 data

Hi All,

when trying to install webMethods database components with the webMethods Database Configurator on an Oracle XE ( database, I’m getting following error:
Error: [SoftwareAG][Oracle JDBC Driver]Transliteration failed, reason: invalid UTF8 data

I’m trying to install webMethods 10.3 database components, also creating the tablespaces and database users. I’m using the webMethods Database Configurator with the latest fix level.

According to the SAG documentation following should be set according to the character set:

  • Character set AL32UTF8
  • Nchar character set AL16UTF16
  • Sort order Binary
    I checked the database table SYS.NLS_DATABASE_PARAMETERS and these parameters seems to be correct.
    Should I check somewhere else as well?

webMethods Database Configurator output:
2019-05-10 09:56:07 ---------------------------- [CREATE][Integration Server][START] ----------------------------

  • Executing action
  • Action : create
  • Database : Oracle
  • Component(s) : storage
  • Component(s) version : latest
  • URL : jdbc:wm:oracle://DESKTOP-GE38NDQ:1521;serviceName=XE;sysLoginRole=sysdba
  • User : sys

  • create Database Component: Storage STR

  • Versions
  • Version: oracle 30.0
  • Scripts create
  •   Script(1): C:\sag\wm\common\db/scripts/oracle/storage/25/create/ora_str_c_ddl_tablespaces.sql
  •   Script(2): C:\sag\wm\common\db/scripts/oracle/storage/25/create/ora_str_c_ddl_user.sql

  • Executing script : C:\sag\wm\common\db/scripts/oracle/storage/25/create/ora_str_c_ddl_tablespaces.sql

Error: [SoftwareAG][Oracle JDBC Driver]Transliteration failed, reason: invalid UTF8 data
CDC ERROR [SoftwareAG][Oracle JDBC Driver]Transliteration failed, reason: invalid UTF8 data
Suspending execution…

          Summary of installation errors

Error in executing file C:\sag\wm\common\db/scripts/oracle/storage/25/create/ora_str_c_ddl_tablespaces.sql
SQL error [SoftwareAG][Oracle JDBC Driver]Transliteration failed, reason: invalid UTF8 data

      Database component configurator summary

Date : Fri May 10 09:56:08 CEST 2019
Database : Oracle
User : sys
Action : create

Following components could not be installed:

Storage 30.0

2019-05-10 09:56:08 ---------------------------- [END] ----------------------------

Anybody knows what the problem could be and how to solve it?

Kind Regards

Have you checked at container or pluggable database level for the character set? CDB and PDB can have different character sets!


unfortunately I’m not a database expert…

I just connected to the database with user sys as sysdba and executed SQL statement:

I’m using Oracle XE. Don’t know if this works same as Oracle 12c.

Hi Vaast,

According to https://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/system_platform_requirements/10-3_System_Requirements_for_Software_AG_Products.pdf, IS supports only up to Oracle 12c. Oracle 18c (18.4) is yet to be certified version, and you’re using on your own risk. I think you won’t be able to receive support from them for now.

If you want to troubleshoot on your own, enable the spy log and see what’s the underlying issue on the DataDirect(Progress) JDBC driver level by following steps in Tracking JDBC calls with DataDirect driver - Integr8 Consulting.

Hope this helps.


Hi all,

I know that Oracle XE 18c is not supported.

The problem with the webMethods Database Configurator was located in following scripts:

  • ora_str_c_ddl_tablespaces.sql (script for creating tablespaces)
  • ora_str_c_ddl_user.sql (script for creating users)
    Both scripts contain ‘&’ sign and this was throwing the error.

I executed both these scripts manually with SQL Developer.
After executing both these scripts manually, I was able to execute all other scripts using the webMethods Database Configurator.

To be able to execute these scripts manually without any errors, I first hat to execute the following statement:
alter session set “_ORACLE_SCRIPT”=true;

Kind Regards,

Hi Vaast,

According to http://www.petefinnigan.com/weblog/archives/00001370.htm, this starts to surface in Oracle 12c. Perhaps you should try configuring to Oracle 12c XE and try it out. If you are able to reproduce there, you can then log a case with SAG to request for support.

Otherwise running in on unsupported version and you will have to solve the problem yourself as SAG won’t provide support on it. You might miss out the bug fix that resolves the issue in Oracle 12c.

Hope this helps.